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Roadside Assistance in Georgia - The most reliable service

Who are we?  We are a roadside assistance company that focuses on providing the very best services, assistance and technicians and the lowest possible price.  We have call centers in California and Illinois that allow backup in the case of a disaster in order to provide you uninterrupted roadside assistance in Georgia and any other state that you may be traveling to.

Why is our service so affordable?
  We do many things to lower our impact on the environment and also to lower our costs to you.  As an environmentally friendly company we feel that lowering our carbon footprint and saving you money are one in the same.  In order to decrease the amount of paper products that we use, we send membership packages via email.  This allows the customer to enter the 800 service number directly into their mobile phone or print only one single piece of paper with the number to put into their glove compartment.  This has saved material and labor for every single one of our customers and the savings are passed directly on to you.

We also save money by not dabbling in extraneous offers that distract from our roadside assistance services.  Many competitors will dazzle you with promises of nationwide discounts.  Those are costs that actually get passed on to you.  We provide the best roadside assistance at the lowest price and that is it.How soon is your service in Georgia activated?  We activate all our accounts the same way.  You will first receive an email confirming your purchase.  Then you will receive your membership email that explains how to use the service and what number to call when you need service.  48 hours later your service is activated and you are a certified member of