Testimonials for Best Roadside Service

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Robert was very prompt and helpful. Very much appreciated. Thank you!

Sandra R., Jul 2018

Great service! So timely and your tech was very kind!

Josie R., Jun 2018

Don’t know how you got to me so fast!

Ron H., Jun 2018

Awesome service! The technician Noe got my car started right away and was extremely knowledgeable friendly and caring. Excellent 5 stars! Thank you!

Claudia S., May 2018

Much quicker assistance than I had been getting from AAA. Glad I changed. Thanks!

Charyl S., May 2018

Fast friendly helpful service. Could not be more pleased.

Cathryn G., Apr 2018

Service was on time and technician was very good. 5 stars.

Darryl A., Mar 2018

‘Wonderful quick service. Many Thanks!!

Jason O., Mar 2018

Great service from the customer service rep to car service mechanic. He was in the area & arrived within 10 min. Got to my appointment with time to spare.

Hilda H., Feb 2018

Our roadside assistance arrive super fast he was very nice and efficient got the job done extremely quick I give him a 10 if there was a score.

Yvonne E., Feb 2018

The tow truck came earlier than I was told Awesome thank you.

Sean M., Apr 2017

All is well serviceman was professional & got right to work & fixed the problem.

Michael R., Apr 2017

Our driver is very friendly. My trip back to Sunnyvale is very pleasant. Thanks

Mai S., Apr 2017

The man that came was very pleasant, good and fast and he came before 30 minutes. I’m really pleased, thank you.

Martha M., Mar 2017

The service came faster than expected. He was professional and knowledgeable.

Marsha M., Mar 2017

I’m very happy no issues whatsoever quick-service great technician thank you.

Paul B., Feb 2017

The tow truck came earlier than I was told Awesome thank you.

Sean M., Feb 2017

Service is great and fast!!! (sent with Loud Effect).

Robert Q., Feb 2017

He did a great job! Very helpful! Thank you!

Hannah D., Jan 2017

Everything worked out great.

Michael L., Jan 2017

Efficient and professional.

Imran F., Sep 2016

Our tow driver was awesome very positive attitude and helpful.

Michelle S., Sep 2016

The guy that came was great! Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Lynn H., Sep 2016

The gentleman who helped me showed up in a short amount of time. He was prompt and helped me very quickly. It was much appreciated.

Kacy G., Aug 2016

Best emergency roadside assistance handling ever; from the phone person to the situation being resolved. It was much better than expected or we even thought we could hope for.

Anita L., Aug 2106

Very professional

Merritt A., Aug 2016

I was so impressed with the excellent service and the timing that you came to my rescue. I highly recommend your company to any and everyone thank you for making an emergency situation less stressful. Your roadside service is awesome! Many thanks

Bernita G., Aug 2016

By the best… I highly recommend your service to all my friends, family and clients. Thanks

Merritt A., Aug 2016

Everyone involved with this service was great.

Peter G., Aug 2016

1St time I’ve used and I’m very pleased!

Shannon S., Jul 2016

Loading went well. Thanks for getting to us promptly.

Danny F., Jul 2016


We are very pleased with the service. On the phone the wait time and the man who unlocked the vehicle were all excellent. Thank you so much.

Anita L., Jul 2016

Super fast and friendly service! Arrived much earlier than anticipated! Got the job done quickly! Thanks

Joanna D., Jul 2016

Assistance arrived quickly. Was efficient & cordial. Thanks so much for the good service

Karen C., Jul 2016

Very satisfied with all areas of roadside assistance experience. Response was very timely

Roger R., Jul 2016

Great job! Rapid arrival. Rapid job completion. Pleasant and professional.

Miles M., Jun 2016

Thank you for your prompt service and courteous driver

Cheryl K., Jun 2016

Very pleased with promptness and efficiency of tow service.

Forest K., Jun 2016

Driver was very pleasant and Best Roadside was excellent. Thanks!

Statia L., Jun 2016

Tow has already been delivered to repair site. Awesome service!

Laurie B., Jun 2016

Thank you for your assistance during a very stressful situation.

Susan P Jun 2016

Driver was able to jump start my Harley, so a tow was not needed.

Rich R., Jun 2016

Loaded and rolling in an hour!

Richard R., Jun 2016


The towing service was professional, competent, considerate, kind, courteous, efficient, gentleman. We are grateful & appreciative that our towing guy helped us. He arrived even earlier than promised. I am very impressed & pleased with the service I received & I gratefully thank you for a job well done.

Linda B., Jun 2016

Easy to use. Responsive from the initial call through service. Glad we chose you.

Joseph C., May 2016

Great service thanks

Benjamin R., 2016

Service was prompt and very professional. Your service was a lifesaver in the midst of this medical emergency

Tina H., Apr 2016

Great job! Everything went well in a timely fashion from the initial phone call to the arrival to the spare tire ! Thank you!

Lynn M Apr 2016

Bestroadside always does me right with quality providers! Thank you!

Glenda B., Apr 2016

Great service !!!

Zafar R., March 2016

Everyone I dealt with during my ordeal was professional and pleasant.

Oscar D., Mar 2016

Excellent service driver very friendly and helpful. Thanks

Jad B., Mar 2016

Very good and friendly service

Marvin O., March 2016

The driver who assisted me was courteous and efficient.

Francis M., Feb 2016

Thanks again for the help. Gabriel was superior!

Caren H., Feb 2016

Tow driver was awesome

Andrew C. Feb 2016


Very prompt and polite service. Very good.

Chelsea G., Feb 2016

I appreciate your help. The tow truck driver was able to get me out of the ditch without any damage to my vehicle. Job well done.

Robert H., Feb 2016

I only have good things to say about my experience. Thank you to all people involved, a stressful situation turned out to be pleasant!

Laura H., Feb 2016

Very pleased with service. He was kind. Thank you!

Suzanne R. Jan 2016

The thing I appreciate the most is that the first thing they ask is if I am in a safe place

Darlene S., Jan 2016

Your operators we’re very kind Amanda and Catherine I believe their names were I’m very satisfied

Carol H., Jan 2016

Everything was perfect… Thank you”

Michelle B., Jan 2016

The roadside service person arrived right on time and did a great job. Thank you.

Roy B., Feb 2016

Everything done professionally. Thank You.

Bill M., Jan 2016

Truck driver was there in half the time stated and was done in no time”

Donald T., May 2015

I failed to write down the name of the operator. I hope that you will pass along that she is very good with customer service. I too am a customer service rep for my company and want to say she is very helpful and patient with me. You should be proud to have a very valuable customer service rep!”

JoAnne G., May 2015

Quick, easy and friendly service!”

Ricke S., May 2015

Awesome experience to help me in a bad one already.”

Cheryl K., June 2015

Very fast and friendly. Glad to have this service!”

Marty B., June 2015

Thanks to all who helped out from the dispatch to the actual tow truck drivers, thank you great job!”

Gerardo C., June 2015

Nothing but an excellent experience from this company.”

Marelen B., June 2015


Driver was great and very professional.”

James W., July 2015

James was super fast and friendly.”

Rachel R., July 2015

My situation was handled very well. Good job.”

Kenneth B., July 2015

Bobby was my service provider, and he was beyond exceptional.”

Luan T., July 2015

Very satisfied with whole experience! Why I came back!!!!!”

Daryl G., August 2015

Excellent service. Thank you!”

Karen S., September 2015

Great service, the repair guys were very helpful and courteous.”

Amber S., October 2015

Tom was very friendly and was able to change the tire and get me on my way in a timely manner.”

Jack H., November 2015

We greatly appreciate the service we received and i am grateful that you care about your customers’ well being and call them back to find out if everything went ok. Great value and customer service.”

Beverly A., December 2015

The driver was very helpful.”

Richard P., December 2015

Super service! I live in a remote area which is difficult to get to and the service operator did a great job getting here with my car locked and the car running.”

Alan H., December 2015

Everything was perfect… Thank you!”

Michelle B., January 2016

Everyone from the person that took the initial call to the service person who provided the work – everyone was absolutely wonderful. I’m very happy with Best Roadside Service.”

Carol B., (Aurora) Colorado, Nov 2015

Your service is excellent.”

Mi S., San Jose, CA, November 2015

The man from the tow service was very helpful and arrived within 45 minutes and got me on my way quickly. Thank you for assistance.”

Craig Z., Omaha, NE, November 2015

Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient help!”

Caren H., Waynesboro, VA, November 2015

Great service, quick work, great person!!”

Lewis G., Compton, CA, December 2015

Randy was so nice and super helpful. Give him a raise!”

Andrea W., San Francisco, CA, December 2015

Thank you for your prompt service.”

Mini R., Miami, FL, December 2015

Quick and professional.”

Carlos V., Lake Forest, CA, December 2015

Thank you for your kind and good service!”

Dan E., Fort Lee, NJ, December 2015

Fast response, great no-hassle process. Thank you very much!”

Dan C., Fort Valley, GA, December 2015

Wonderful, friendly and quick service. Thank you.”

Randall H., St. Paul, MN, December 2015

Great service!”

Jerry N., Baytown, TX, January 2016


Taumeka C. Doraville, GA, January 2016

Very good and fast assistance. Thanks!”

Galleno F., Key Biscayne, FL December 2015

Everyone from the person that took the initial call to the service person who provided the work – everyone was absolutely wonderful. I’m very happy with Best Roadside Service.”

Carol B. November 2015

Service was quick. Everything went great. Thank you!”

Don D., November 2015

Very pleased with Action Towing in LV. The technician really went above and beyond with his help. Thank you for your assistance.”

Greg H., Las Vegas, NV, November 2015

Thank you. Awesome service.”

Merritt A., November 2015

Great job.”

Darryl B., October 2015

Service was great – couldn’t have been better, thanks!”

Bobby J., October 2015

Thank you so much.”

Maria H., October 2015

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my problem was solved! Jeremy was great! Thanks for the excellent service!!!”

Kathy K., October 2015

Great Service!”

Stepfon H.., October 2015

Quick and easy.”

Larry M., October 2015

Assistance was there almost immediately and what a nice young man! He was wonderful! Thank you!”

Mary W., October 2015


Exceeded expectations. Dispatcher was thorough, helpful and courteous. Towing service came right away.”

Armando L., September 2015

Very professional and great service. Driver was very courteous!”

Kathleen A., September 2015

Excellent service.”

Finny B., September 2015

They arrived quickly and are very professional. They were helpful in this stressful situation. “

Jacob H., September 2015

Great service!”

Dwight B., September 2015

Kenny was right on time and was very helpful.”

Linda F., August 2015

The man that unlocked my car was efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure doing business with him!! Thank you!!!

Sue E., August 2015

Great service from the rep to the provider.”

Taunika C., August 2015

Rob was fast and friendly. Made a possibly stressful situation very calm and easy. So glad I purchased this plan before taking this trip.”

Natalie W., August 2015

I am so pleased with this company! I have used the emergency roadside services twice now and loved it! Each time was very fast and everyone I dealt with was kind. Thank you for being so diligent.”

Brandee M. August 2015


‘This twice they have towed my car in the last 3 weeks. They are just the best!!!! Thank you!”

Cecilia M., August 2015

Service was great! Guy was super helpful. “

Maria G., August 2015

Quick and professional. Thank you very much!”

Carlos V., July 2015

Super fast and great service.”

Jeff H., July 2015

Very quick and courteous service! Thank you very much.”

Jenn J., June 2015

You guys are awesome!”

Tammy L., May 2015

Service was fast and professional.”

Francisco S., May 2015

Nice, quick service!”

Ryan B., April 2015

Great late hour service.”

Prakash P., April 2015

Very speedy service, thank you!”

Janiece M., April 2015

Thank you for your assistance. Service was prompt courteous and professional. Assistance arrived quickly. Thank you once again.”

Gregory B., March 2015

VThe driver that came to our home was there in a timely fashion, polite and very helpful. My problem couldn’t be solved at that time but it was explained to me in a way that made sense to me. Thank you so very much!”

Carral G., February 2015

Very Helpful and courteous! Thank you!”

Evelyn C., January 2015


When my car suddenly broke down in Des Moines, IA, I was impressed how Best Roadside Service kept calling many different towing companies until they found one that was available to tow my car. You did an outstanding job helping me during a difficult time. Thanks so much!”

Dave – Iowa

We have been extremely happy with the service. Just the fact that it was fast, dependable and available. It is a product that actually delivers on what is advertised.”

Jane M. – Greenville, North Carolina

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and credit. It is a pleasure doing business with an HONEST company.”

Carol G. – Stratford, Connecticut

Simply wanted you to know that I have been your customer the last 12 mos. & was OVERLY pleased with the intelligence of the CA Operator who came to my assistance several times. Then my “renewal” is coming up & your e-mail was answered by KIRK immediately (I cannot renew until I get another vehicle in a month or two). Due to your ethics + care of customers I have referred several drivers to BEST. Thank You!”

Dorothy M. – Florida

My husband’s van broke down during rush hour in Denver, Colorado the day before yesterday. The tow truck driver arrived within 25 minutes. In rush hour traffic! My husband was impressed and delighted.”

Shirley S. – Denver, Colorado

I would like to pass some positive feedback to you. Our CEO had to call for Best Roadside assistance recently, and he said they were there and had him going within minutes. Great Job! Please pass this info along.”

Kim S. – Oakland, California

A Great Roadside service company. You can have your car towed 10 times as far as AAA.

William H. – Florida

We have been happy with your services–even very pleased to very impressed–with the way our towing needs have been handled”

A. Fabian – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I have had to have my vehicle towed 2 times and I have been totally pleased with the service that I received. I recommend this company to all of my friends. Thanks again for your awesome service.”

Jeff E. – Marshall, Michigan

I joined Best Roadside last year and for the first time in over 15 years had to call for Roadside assistance. The service from the time of my call to getting ‘unstuck’ in northern Ontario Canada was outstanding!! Thanks and Regards.”

Erica D. – Canada


Around July/August 2013, I lost my car keys. The representative, a male, was outstanding. He personally handled my case as if it was he that was experiencing my situation. My car was parked in an employee parking lot that was dark and I was about 50 miles from home as my commuting distance. The first locksmith contacted never came and the representative was checking constantly and did not appreciate their nonprofessional service. He quickly found another service that was very responsive. I feel that the Best Roadside Service representative went beyond what was required of his position, and I was very pleased with my first experience using your service. Thank you!”

Seshatms M. – Canada

It’s 4:00pm in central Florida, my wife and I get out of our vehicle to enter a local restaurant for a bite and YES I lock the car door with my keys sitting on the front seat plainly in view. My wives purse is in the back seat with the spare set of keys. I called Best Roadside service and related my situation to the on duty service desk. As soon as we had finished our snack, a rescue service arrived and efficiently opened my vehicle. What a relief. Absolutely worth the cost, many times over. Thank You!”

Stan S. – Florida

To Roadside Service: I would just like you to know. On June 17th, 2010, Just a few weeks after I purchased your Road Side Service, I had a breakdown. When I called your service, I was treated with respect, and I had a tow truck with me within 25 minutes. The tow truck driver was helpful and knew the area well. He had my car delivered to my local garage within 30 minutes and all was well! Thank you for your speedy and professional service. Truly.”

Bryon P. – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Kirk; Thanks for the prompt refund. As I said in previous email I just leased a new car and do not require your Best Roadside Service at this time. I did spend a lot of time researching various services like yours, and even having used some other ones before, found your program to be the best overall with high customer satisfaction. I do appreciate the dependable service and your prompt refund of my unused portion of my yearly tuition. I will be sure to recommend your service to my friends and will for sure use your service if I ever need a roadside assistance program again when my car ages a little. You are welcome to use this endorsement with name and city.”

Jim B. – Simi Valley, Calfornia

This is truly the BEST Roadside Service ever. My car broke down on a Saturday when I was out of town and by myself. The man I talked to was very nice and concerned. He told me to stay in my car, lock my doors and he would call right back. He found a near-by towing company and had them on the way when he called back. He also had found the nearest garage and gave me the number to call. All turned out well thanks to your service.”

Sharron E. – Texas

From your customer service to the response time of the technician today…BRAVO. WELL DONE..Thank You. I’m on my fourth SUZUKI and a loyal customer.”


I have had he Roadside Service for two years. They offer towing, lockout service, fuel, as well as jump starts. The part that I liked the best is the fact that the benefit is for any vehicle you own.  I actually had to have my car towed , and the process was quite simple and hassle free. I would recommend the service highly.”

Becki L. – North Carolina