Roadside Assistance Service Limitations and Membership Guidelines

Service Limitations for our emergency roadside assistance plans:

  • Individual plans are entitled to 4 calls per plan; all others have 6 calls per plan.
  • Couple/Family plans share the available service calls.
  • Subscriber must be with the disabled vehicle in order to receive service. (However if you cannot remain with the vehicle for safety reasons, we will attempt to provide service).
  • Lockout service covers up to $100 per occurrence.
  • Service cannot be guaranteed on roads that are not regularly maintained including private property.
  • Service does not cover installation or removal of snow tires or chains, nor dismounting, rotating or repairing of tires. We do not use sealants to repair flat tires. Flat Tire service includes changing a spare tire. Please ensure you have a driveable spare. If the covered vehicle does not have a spare, we will tow the vehicle to a repair facility, up to the mileage limits of the subscriber’s plan.
  • Service does not cover vehicles greater than 12,500 LBS Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).
  • Service does not cover vehicle storage charges, cost of parts, installation, products, materials, impounding and additional labor related to towing.
  • Service cannot be provided to vehicles with expired safety inspection, license plate and or emission sticker where required by law OR to vehicles not legally registered.
  • This plan is for consumer/personal use only. No commercial vehicles are covered under these plans. If member/members are/is riding and/or driving a commercial vehicle (any vehicle used for company/business/commercial use-service will be denied).
  • Service cannot be provided to impounded vehicles.
  • Service will be refused if the vehicle is not in a safe condition to be towed.
  • Service cannot be provided in areas not regularly traveled such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields or other areas that would be hazardous for service.
  • Delivery of repaired tires is not included in service.
  • Service does not include installation of ANY parts other than replacing a flat tire with a usable spare.
  • Service when a vehicle is snowbound: We do not hoist, winch or shovel vehicles from unplowed areas, snow banks, snowbound driveways or curbside parking.
  • Towing to home is not covered.
  • Towing vehicles to a junkyard or location of disposal is not included in service.
  • Towing or service while at an auto repair shop or service station, to another location is not covered.
  • Towing service is for emergency roadside occurrences only.
  • Tolls are not covered.
  • Accident towing is not a covered benefit.

Best Roadside Service Membership Guidelines:

Best Roadside Service offers nationwide service through various third party service providers who are located throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Covered member must provide some type of identification in order to verify coverage if on individual plan.
  • Couple/Family members must reside at the same address.
  • This plan is for consumer/personal use only. No commercial vehicles are covered under these plans. If member/members are/is riding and/or driving a commercial vehicle (any vehicle used for company/business/commercial use-service will be denied).
  • Abuse or excessive use of the service is cause for non-renewal or cancellation without a refund. Membership will not be cancelled without notice.
  • After service calls are expended then account will be marked for out of pocket services only. Arrangements will be made for member to pay the service provider directly.
  • Membership fees and dues are subject to change without notice.
  • Memberships have an auto renew feature. Upon signing up on the website, the member must select the auto renew feature. This feature is free and keeps your roadside plan in effect by charging your credit card on the annual anniversary date, so you don’t have to worry about your plan expiring as long as the credit card on file is current. Once an approved member, you can log back in and turn off the auto renew feature if you like. For all renewals notices are sent at 2 months, 1 month and 7 days prior to the expiration date of service.
  • Address changes must be sent in writing from the email address of the account holder to
  • Members are not expected to pay for services that are within the limits of their membership.
  • Services and memberships are only available in the 50 United States and Canadian Provinces.
  • Membership activation dates are 7 days from the date membership is purchased.
  • Vehicle Plan Memberships can be transferred to another automobile upon sale or salvage only. Bill of sale or salvaged title must be shown in order to transfer service. In both cases proper documentation is required in order to transfer service to a newly purchased vehicle. Member of record must send email to and advise us of new and old vehicle information. All transfers require a 7 calendar day waiting period before service is once again active.
  • Refunds given on a pro-rata basis on unused, full months only, less a $10 administrative fee. No refunds will be given if any service call was used and expenses incurred.

Terms and Conditions

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