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Five Most Common Reasons Drivers End Up Stranded On The Side Of A Road

flat tire

As a driver, no one wants to be stranded on the side of the road; however, most of us end up there sooner or later. The following are the top five reasons that drivers end up stranded, and the steps you can take to decrease your chances of ending up there.

Flat Tires 

Drivers often encounter debris on highways and roads in need of repair. Additionally, vehicle owners often wait to do preventative maintenance on their cars. Unmaintained roadways and tires can lead to and increased risk of blowouts and flat tires. To reduce this risk, drivers can take the following steps:

1) Check your tire pressure on a regular basis and keep the proper amount of air in your tires.
2) Rotate your tires so they are kept in top condition.
3) Keep your eyes directly on the road and avoid running over such hazards as road debris and potholes.
4) Keep a spare tire inside of your car.  Also, consider purchasing run-flat tires.  These enable you to drive on a flat for several miles.

Running Out of Gas

It can be inconvenient when you are in a hurry and need to fill up, but it is nothing compared to having to wait on the side of the road if you run out of gas.  In order to avoid running out of gas, keep your tank at least 1/4 full.  When you are traveling, top of your tank when you make a stop; even if you still have plenty of fuel.  If you have an unreliable fuel gauge keep track of your mileage instead of guessing and avoid being left on the side of the road.

Car Battery Problems  

While it is unusual to have a break down due to a battery issue while driving, once you stop your vehicle and turn it off battery problems can leave you stranded. A few simple tips can keep your battery in top shape, and hopefully keep you on the road.

1) Don’t keep your car running when it isn’t necessary, especially if all you are doing is running the radio or air conditioning.
2) Turn your lights off (interior and exterior) each time you leave your vehicle.
3) Change your battery every five years, even if you haven’t had any problems.

Vehicle Overheating

It can be a scary experience when your car overheats, especially if it starts smoking. Check all of your fluid levels regularly and make sure they are at the level recommended in your owner’s manual. If your car starts to overheat, turn on the heat in your car to remove heat from the engine until you are able to safely pull over on the side of the road.

Brake Problems

While being stranded on the side of the road can be a pain, its nothing compared to the risk you take when you drive a car with weak brakes. Brake problems could lead to serious and potentially fatal accidents. Brake pads should be changed according to the dealer’s recommended schedule, and any brake problems you have should be repaired immediately. If your vehicle is braking slowly or won’t brake at all, immediately pull over.  Don’t attempt to drive your car a couple more miles or try to get home, since brakes may give out any time.  You could end up suffering fatal or catastrophic injuries if you are unable to stop, especially on the highway.

Even a well-maintained vehicle can experience an occasional breakdown. Flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, lockouts, lost keys, and accidents can happen no matter how old, or new, your car is. Emergency roadside assistance plans can eliminate costly tows and cover expenses for lost keys or lockouts, running out of gas, and dead batteries. Purchasing a plan through Best Roadside Service includes benefits such as fluid top offs, fuel delivery, flat tire service, and lost key and lockout service. Additionally, with a quick call to an emergency hotline all your service provider needs can be located in one place, and with the right plan, fast response times will eliminate wait time. One call to Best Roadside Service will have help on the way quickly with an average response time of just 34 minutes.

As a driver, no one wants to be stranded on the side of the road. Following the tips above can go a long way towards decreasing your chances of being stranded, and purchasing emergency roadside assistance coverage will leave you with total protection.