Best Roadside Service is an auto club with all calls answered in the US. Get the best service at the best price with Best Roadside Service, serving consumer and commercial needs in the US and Canada since 1985!

AARP Roadside Assistance

roadside assistanceThere are some good roadside clubs out there, and with all the stress and worries we face every day, it’s good to have something you can depend on and trust to be there when you need it.  AARP roadside assistance is a very large, corporately owned political giant. If you want something similar with more benefits, check out Best Roadside Service. This type of coverage is great for everyone, whether you drive long-distances, travel often or just make a trip to town once a week. It offers 24-hour service anytime you’re traveling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Traveling is fun and exciting but the thought of getting stranded somewhere on the highway can be very scary. This is especially true when it’s somewhere you’re not familiar with or when traveling during the night. No one wants to be broken down on the side of the road miles away from anything but when you have a good roadside assistance company; you can rest assured that help is on the way. AARP has call centers in India, so you might be disappointed when you speak to someone whose English is not their 1st language. Imagine being broken down and the person your speaking with cannot understand you.

Best Roadside Service has call centers in the US only. This provides you great peace of mind as you take long drives or cross-country trips with your family and friends. Even if you’re just driving into town to shop or visit with friends, you never have to worry about what will happen if something goes wrong with your vehicle. You know you won’t be stranded because all you have to do is call us.

AARP’s prices are more expensive than Best Roadside, usually averaging around $90 vs. $65.

Here are some of the things covered by AARP roadside assistance:

  • Towing – If your transmission breaks, your engine blows or you’re in an accident, AARP will tow your vehicle to a garage or home.
  • Flat Tire – They will come out and change the tire for you when you have a flat.
  • Gas – If you run out of gas, they will bring you enough to get you to the nearest service station.
  • Dead Batteries – If your battery dies, they’ll get you running again.
  • Keys Locked In Cars – If you lock your keys in the car, they will send out a locksmith.
  • Lost or stolen ignition key – They will provide a replacement.

AARP roadside assistance program does not allow unlimited 24 concierge service like we do. If you need directions, hotel or car rental information or just traffic updates, we can provide that to you at no additional charge, and all answered by a live person here in the U.S.

You can begin using the services right away if you sign up online and you can even cover other members of your family. You’ll love the peace of mind it provides when traveling. Compared to AARP, Best Roadside Service has a better price, no age restrictions, unlimited concierge calls and a U.S. based call center.