Emergency Roadside Assistance Plans


Emergency roadside assistance that gets you back on the road and where you want to go!

We’ve all been there, you’re cruising along and suddenly hear the thump thump thump of your tire losing pressure. Or, you go to get on the road only to hear click click click and find your battery is dead. Maybe you thought you could make it to the next exit before filling up your gas tank and ended up stuck on the side of the highway.  Or, while driving late one night your car just stops running leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

At their best, these events can be untimely annoyances. At their worst they are frustrating, sometimes even scary and dangerous, roadside emergencies. You need to know you that no matter what time of day or night it is, you are going to be able to safely get your vehicle on the road again quickly and easily.

At Best Roadside Service, we have you covered! For over 50 years, since 1962, Best Roadside Service’s administrator has provided peace of mind and top notch emergency roadside assistance to over 15 million customers.

Our provider handles over 70,000 roadside rescues every month.

The coverage you need to stay safe on the road.

Best Roadside Service offers a range of emergency roadside assistance plans to fit your needs. Our competitive rates and uncompromising service ensure you can have the coverage and protection you need, when you need it.

From tow truck service, to fuel delivery to flat tire service, we have you covered. All day, every day. Plus, all our memberships include access to our exclusive VIP Concierge Benefits like discounts on travel, hotels, cruises, theme parks, and more!

With Best Roadside Service you’ll drive with peace of mind knowing that our full range of member benefits are just a phone call away no matter what happens on the road, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our Plans

To provide the most flexibility for our members, we offer Individual Plans, Vehicle Plans and Motorcycle Plans, as well as Commercial and Fleet Coverage for businesses of all sizes.

With our extensive network of over 45,000 service providers and an average response time of only 34 minutes, our plans provide fast, complete coverage across all 50 state of the U.S. and Canada.


Vehicle Plans

Vehicle Plans follow the vehicle, regardless of who is driving, making them the perfect choice for vehicles with multiple drivers. These plans also cover motorcycles and scooters. Get coverage for less than $6 a month!
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Individual Plans

Our Individual Plans follow the member, no matter what vehicle they’re in, even if they are not driving. You can also add family members at a discounted rate. Get coverage for less than $7 a month!
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Motorcycle Plans

Our Motorcycle Plan covers the associated motorcycle or scooter, no matter who is driving with all the benefits of our Individual and Vehicle Plans, including up to 75 miles of flat-bed towing.
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Commercial and Fleet Coverage

For businesses large and small, from 1 car to 100 cars, our plans offer complete coverage for you and your drivers.  Large and small vehicles, rental cars and construction or service vehicles are all eligible for our outstanding coverage. Because our plans cover the vehicle, you can assign any driver to any vehicle, knowing they’re protected with our premium coverage 24/7.  Learn more…


Business & Insurance Solutions and Affiliate Programs

We also offer affiliate partnerships and insurance agent programs which can be off the shelf or custom tailored to your specific needs and business model.
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Complete Customer Satisfaction

  • All calls answered in the United States – when you call our 24/7 emergency service number, you will never be transferred overseas and you will never get a voicemail.
  • Get back on the road, fast. We maintain an average 34 minute response time nationwide from when you call the dispatch center to when help arrives.
  • Our state-of-the-art dispatch software allows us, with your permission, to locate you using your cell phone, and dispatch service providers while we’re on the phone with you. We can also send you a text message confirmation the arrival time of your service provider
  • All customer service professionals have a minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • We support English, Spanish and French speaking customers.
  • 24/7 Service. We know that roadside emergencies and inconveniences like flat tires and dead batteries don’t care what time it is, so neither do we. Our services are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Holiday or not, rain or shine, you can count on Best Roadside Service.
  • We care about and respect your right to privacy! We never use your address or email to send you junk or share your personal information. Complete details in our privacy policy.

Plan Benefits Overview

All of our emergency roadside assistance plans at Best Roadside Service include the following benefits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the United States or Canada.

  • Emergency Toll Free Phone Number: Your direct roadside emergency phone number is provided via email upon approved membership. Our customer service specialists are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service: Best Roadside Service operates a 24 Hour emergency tow service when your vehicle breaks down or if you are stranded on the road due to a mechanical issue. If you have the individual plan, our tow service will cover you in any vehicle you are driving or riding in. If you have the vehicle plan, our tow service will cover the vehicle or motorcycle regardless of who is driving. Towing is for roadside assistance emergencies only. The plan tows up to 75 miles, to the nearest repair facility. Service does not apply to previously disabled vehicles and there is only one tow per disablement.
  • 24 Hour Battery Jumpstart Assistance: If your battery goes dead or fails, we will send a technician to jumpstart the covered vehicle.
  • 24 Hour Flat Tire Repair Service: Best Roadside Service provides urgent roadside flat tire service for covered vehicles so you are never stranded by the side of the road. We send a technician to install a drivable spare on the vehicle and get you back on the road again. It is member’s/vehicle owner’s responsibility to have a properly inflated, working spare with their vehicle at all times.
  • 24 Hour Lockout Service: Should you get locked out of your vehicle, we will send a technician with manufacturer approved tools to get you back into your vehicle and on the road again.
  • 24 Hour Lost Key Service: If you lose the keys to the covered vehicle, Best Roadside Service allows up to $100 reimbursement for the fabrication of a temporary key. This lost key service is only available for covered vehicles that have a key system that can be duplicated by a certified locksmith.
  • 24 Hour Fuel Delivery: If your covered vehicle should run out of gasoline, we will dispatch a service technician to deliver fuel to get you back on the road again. Our 24 hour fuel delivery service includes 3 gallons of fuel delivered to you at no charge.
  • 24 Hour Winching/Extrication: Your membership entitles you up to $50.00 maximum benefit to be used if your vehicle needs to be extracted/winched out. Vehicle must not be more than 15 feet from a regularly maintained roadway.
  • 24 Hour Oil, Fluid, and Water Delivery Service. An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid and water will be delivered if the disabled vehicle is in immediate need. The member is responsible for the cost of the fluids.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Personal Assistance: Our customer service and support team, based in the United States, is always here to assist you no matter what your vehicle or travel needs are. If you need messages relayed to loved ones during inclement weather or related roadside emergency, our staff will send and receive messages for you. We can make calls for you on your behalf and take the stress away from any roadside emergency. If you need us, we will be there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • 24 Hour Trip and Routing Service: Your membership includes customized trip planning and routing services. We can not only help you get where you want to go, but reach your destination safely and efficiently. If you ever get lost, just call our emergency roadside assistance hotline and we can give you turn-by-turn directions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • 24 Hour Concierge Service: Planning a trip or vacation? Along with outstanding roadside coverage, we can help make travel easier and less expensive with our booking services. Our 24 hour concierge service and will ensure that all hotel and rent-a-car arrangements are made in time. Whatever your travel needs, you can call on us to help.
  • VIP Discounts for Travel, Car Rentals and Hotels: Save on travel arrangements and trips! We offer discount programs and competitive vacation discounts for our members including VIP member rates for hotels, car rentals, theme parks, vacation packages and more. We also offer daily discount packages for vacations and cruises. Click here for more details

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Service Limitations

  • Individual plans are entitles to 4 calls per plan; all others have 6 calls per plan.
  • On couple/family plans, members must reside at the same address.
  • Subscriber must be with the disabled vehicle in order to receive service. (However if you cannot remain with the vehicle for safety reasons, we will attempt to provide service).
  • Service plan may be transferred to a different vehicle in the case of the sale of the vehicle or the salvage of the vehicle. In both cases proper documentation is required in order to transfer service to a newly purchased vehicle. Member of record must send email to [email protected] and advise us of new and old vehicle information. All transfers require a 7 calendar day waiting period before service is once again active.
  • Lockout service covers up to $100 per occurrence.
  • Service cannot be guaranteed on roads that are not regularly maintained including private property.
  • Service does not cover installation or removal of snow tires, chains nor dismounting, rotating or repairing tires. Flat service covers swapping out flat tire for drivable spare tire only. Subscriber must have a drivable spare with vehicle or trailer to receive the flat tire service.
  • Service does not cover vehicles greater than 12,500 LBS Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).
  • Service does not cover vehicle storage charges, cost of parts, installation, products, materials, impounding and additional labor related to towing.
  • Service cannot be provided to vehicles with expired safety inspection, license plate and or emission sticker where required by law OR to vehicles not legally registered.
  • Couple/Family plans share the available service calls.
  • This plan is for consumer/personal use only. No commercial vehicles are covered under these plans. If member/members are/is riding and/or driving a commercial vehicle (any vehicle used for company/business/commercial use-service will be denied).
  • Service cannot be provided to impounded vehicles.
  • Service will be refused if the vehicle is not in a safe condition to be towed.
  • Service cannot be provided in areas not regularly traveled such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields or other areas that would be hazardous for service.
  • Delivery of repaired tires is not included in service.
  • Service does not include installation of ANY parts other than replacing a flat tire with a usable spare.
  • Towing vehicles to a junkyard or location of disposal is not included in service.
  • Towing service is for emergency roadside occurrences only.
  • Towing or service while at an auto repair shop or service station, to another location.
  • Service when a vehicle is snowbound. We do not hoist, winch or shovel vehicles from unplowed areas, snow banks, snowbound driveways or curbside parking.
  • Towing to home is not covered.
  • Tolls are not covered.
  • Accident towing is not a covered benefit.
  • Refunds given on a pro-rata basis on unused, full months only, less a $10 administrative fee. No refunds will be given if any service call was used and expenses incurred.

Terms and Conditions

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